MAX3D Performance & Strength is the only fitness facility in Elizabethtown that has competition approved kilogram weight plates. Outfitted with the industry’s leading equipment, we can help you define, devote, and defy your fitness goals.

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Texas Power Bars & Texas Deadlift Bars

“Power bars” are stiff barbells that have very little bend or “whip” when loaded with weights, and have a rough texture, also called knurling, in the center of the bar (this helps prevent the bar sliding on your back during squats).

“Deadlift bars” are thinner and longer than “power bars” which allows for a better grip, and puts the weights further away from the lifter, which is good for the deadlift. These bars are less rigid, have no center knurling, and have more “whip” so that when a lifter begins the movement, the bar bends and allows the lift to start picking the weight up in a more advantageous starting position.

The creator of these bars, Buddy Capps, has been producing these barbells since 1980, and more world records have been set on this brand of barbells than any other.

Earthquake Bandbell Bar

The “Earthquake” Bar does exactly what you think it would… it makes you shake! The bar only weighs 6 lbs but can be loaded down with up to 300 lbs of weight. It’s intended purpose is to strengthen stabilizer muscles to help prevent injuries while performing heavier lifts with a normal barbell, and to help improve overall coordination.

gym power rack

Power Racks 

Max3D Performance & Strength has multiple power racks to accomodate all kinds of exercises. These racks are very versatile and are the safest way to lift heavy weights. No spotter? No problem. Step into a rack and set the safety pins so that if you cannot complete a lift, the weights can be dropped without causing harm to the lifter or any bystanders. 

Urethane Dumbbells

We pride ourselves on the quality of the equipment in our facility. What is a gym, without a nice set of dumbbells? We chose to fully knurled urethane dumbbells, because we think it’s the best money can buy. These dumbbells have fully knurled straight handles to mimic the feel of an actual barbell in your hands. The urethane coating will not crack over time and the “heads” will not become loose or rusty.

Gym calibrated plates

Calibrated Plates (Kilogram)

We are the only gym in Elizabethtown to own calibrated kilogram weight lifting plates. These plates are approved for competition and are within 10 grams of their stated weight. They are color coded, so that the lifter can quickly identify each weight, and are thinner than most traditional style of plates, which opens up more room on the barbell, which means lifters can stack on as much weight as they can without having to worry about running out of real estate.

Belt Squat Machine (Rogue Rhino)

The best way to load the lower body without having to place added stress on one’s spine. This can be a great benefit to those who might have shoulder or back injuries. Somewhat mimics a leg press, but with the added benefits of working stabilizer muscles (similar to a back squat). This is also a great tool for anyone looking to add more volume to their lower body without the added stress and fatigue of normal barbell squats, due to the load being placed at the hips.

belt squat machine

Why Equipment Matters

Choosing the best equipment for your goals matters. High quality gym equipment matters and can help avoid major issues. For example, a cheap barbell can easily bend, warp, break and rust. This could lead to missed lifts and even injuries.

Most gyms in our area focus on quantity rather than quality of their gym equipment. Some lifters will even purchase their own equipment (such as barbells, collars, chalk, etc.) to bring with them to the gym. They might even lock these items away, so that only they can benefit from high quality equipment.

Our philosophy at MAX3D Performance & Strength is a little different. We thoroughly research and upgrade our equipment to match the ever evolving safety and quality standards of high performance equipment. In doing so, we maximize client safety and overall gym experience. This is the foundation to our facility and is what we believe the very basics of what a gym membership should provide.

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