I have played sports throughout the majority of my life, and have learned a great deal from every sport that I have played. I believe it is my duty to pass on the knowledge I have obtained, to those who are also competitors in their own sport.


Every sport has its own set of needs – its own set of sacrifices that each athlete must give in order to become a stand-out from all the others. The weight room is something all athletes should be accustomed to. It can greatly assist in making an athlete become better. It can also help prevent injuries or bring athletes back after sustaining an injury. Bigger, stronger, faster. If you are a competitor, and want to take your sport seriously, you need to be resistance training.


Whether you are a teenager, a college student, professional athlete, recovering from an injury, the top-player in your league, or someone who has never played a sport in their life, resistance-training has been proven to increase athletic performance.


Most high school, or even college coaches nowadays have no clue what a structured lifting program should be. Most coaches have a training philosophy of let’s see how many kids we can get to puke today, or they have the mentality of training their team in the offseason, but once the season starts, they completely stop all weight training and only focus on the sports fundamentals. THIS IS NOT WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN. All athletes need to continue weight training, throughout the season, otherwise all the progress they have made in the offseason will slowly diminish. The result of not training throughout the season will essentially make a team’s athletes weaker as the season progresses and later in the season, when it matters the most, the team will essentially be at its weakest most vulnerable state. 

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