Strength Training

Let’s lift heavy together! Most people believe that if you lift heavy weights you HAVE to be big. This is far from the truth. I’ve been involved in powerlifting for many years, and I’ve seen large and small competitors lift very mind-boggling amounts of weight. Being strong has its advantages in both the weight room and in everyday life.


Lifting in general will help develop both your muscles and your nervous system. Through this style of training, your body will adapt to the stresses being applied, and you will be able to see just what the human body is capable of doing.


Most of the individuals I talk to are either intimidated by training with free weights, or have just never trained with free weights. These are the typical “gym-goers” whose training regimen consists of doing a few minutes of cardio, before their workouts, and then attack the same machines they did the day before. Although I’m all for people getting to the gym and staying active. I would not consider this type of “training” to be beneficial or progressive by any stretch of the imagination.


If you are one of those individuals that think free-weights are solely for the “freaks” that grunt, scream, and throw chalk everywhere, I would like to challenge each and every one of you to start a conversation with those who have been weight training for a while, and “pick-their-brains” on their training styles and philosophies. I also challenge you to not be afraid! Find a knowledgeable, experienced personal trainer or coach that can teach you how to use specific exercises to your advantage, and you’ll soon realize that strength training is crucial to every weight lifting protocol out there. 

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